Who We Are

We are you Energy Conservation Consultants

"Energy Conservation Consultants"

We work with your business to find ways to reduce your energy usage by upgrading your existing equipment. We always strive to give the most cost effective energy conservation solutions in areas of lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, solar, and many other technologies.

Over the past twenty four years, our goal has always been to offer companies the most practical applications of energy conservation, and to provide proven products that improve the operation of a facility, while, still achieving the best return on investment.

About Us

Green Energy Solutions is an energy conservation implementation company, which has grown since its inception in 1981. We have been doing energy conservation projects since 1989, and have experience in all aspects of electrical work, including residential, commercial and industrial. Our focus over the past 10 years has been to offer to companies the most practical applications of energy conservation. The goal has always been to give our clients practical products that can improve the operation of a facility, while still giving the best return on investment. Along with this, we always strive to give a cost effective energy conservation solution utilizing the best products available, while keeping the maintenance cost at a minimum.

There have been many new technologies that are very expensive and costly to maintain which we have tried not to bring to the customer. Rather, we will find an alternative solution that will deliver the longest possible system life with the least amount of capital investment. Through these 10 years, we pride ourselves on the hundreds of satisfied customers we have serviced. Whenever we bring a new technology forward, our customers are always willing to implement it. We continue to offer a turnkey operation, meaning that we have our own licensed people to install the products that we offer, and to handle the maintenance and warranty issues involved. No outside companies are sub contracted to do our work, unless there is an extremely specialized product or service, in which case we work alongside them to ensure quality, they do not act as an independent.

We look forward to helping you with your conservation needs.